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Becoming a sponsor
Benefits specifically for you
As a sponsor you will receive special benefits:

An annual Patron card, which entitles your household to:

free admission to the Summer BBQ

reduced entry to other events such as the Car Treasure Hunt

reduced booking fees for the Community Centre, for one-off events such as birthday parties

Free advertising on this website, if you have your own business you would like to promote, or for any group events that you run in the Community Centre.

A house- or car-sticker confirming you are a patron of the Community Association. We hope that by displaying this prominently, you will encourage other members of the community to also participate in the scheme.
Benefits to the Community
By becoming a sponsor, you provide the community association with the assurance of a steady income, with which we can better serve the community. Money received goes towards:

 day-to-day maintenance, minor enhancements and running costs of the community centre

 once-off events such as the Summer BBQ, Christmas Tree etc.

 larger projects. Our next ambitious project is to transform the current tennis/basketball area into a state-of-the-art all-weather surface, possibly flood-lit, but this depends on available funds.

For major projects, we seek external funding to help with the costs, but we do need to come up with some of the money ourselves. No initiative is ever 100% externally funded.
What does this mean?
In order to function properly, the community association depends on funds.
For this reason, we ask that every household contributes a small amount on a regular basis. Ideally we are seeking a standing order, and the recommended amount is €5 per month. If every household in the community does this, we will be able to accelerate our plans to enhance the community centre and surrounding grounds.
“How do I sign up?”
There are several ways to become a sponsor:
 - Print out the Standing Order form, fill it in, and either bring it to your own bank branch, mail it to the Community Association at our postal address, or hand it to any member of the committee, who will pass it on the Treasurer to submit on your behalf.
- Online. If you have internet banking, you can set up a standing order from your own computer.
- Once-off online payment
- Pay directly to an association member

Our bank detailsare:
Name: Clogheen/Kerry Pike Community Association
Bank: Permanent TSB, 88/89 North Main Street, Cork
Account number: 2552 9089
Sort Code: 99 07 07

Sign up now to receive complementary admission to the Summer BBQ, along with other benefits described above right.