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How BART can keep you safe


The Blarney Area Rapid Text (B.A.R.T.) service allows the local Gardai to get messages out to the public very effectively.

How it works:

If you provide your mobile number to Blarney Garda Station, they will add your number to a list. Text messages will occasionally be sent out by the Gardai to the full list. These messages will relate to matters of public security, or important public announcements of a non-commercial nature.

How to avail of this service:

The form can be collected at and returned to the Blarney Garda Station. Also, if you wish you can drop the completed forms in the letter box outside the door of the Clogheen Kerry Pike Community Centre, and we will return the forms to Blarney Garda Station on your behalf.





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How BART can keep you safe
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