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The idea of starting a Youth Cafe for the teenagers in the area was brought up at a Community Association meeting back in March 2010. A few of the parents/members realised the need for a safe place for the teenagers to hang out.

We decided to go for it and set up a date for the first meeting. It was agreed that they would take place on Friday evenings from 8pm - 10pm. Texts were sent throughout the teenage groups (ages 13-17) and we met up at the Community Hall to see what the teenagers thought. Over 30 teenagers attended that meeting and they were very interested in the idea. The adults supervising on the night run a small shop, supplying drinks, crisps etc. There is also a vending machine for drinks installed in the centre.

The Youth Cafe needs to be run by the teenagers and they understand it is up to them to protect its future i.e. by behaving in a respectful manner to those supervising and to each other. To date we have had many gatherings with up to 35 teenagers attending. We now have 2 table tennis tables (one donated, one fundraising), one table soccer table (donated), and Karaoke machine (donated). Any further donations would be very welcome. It has been a great opportunity for them to meet up with old school friends or new teenagers who have moved into the area. It is wonderful to see so many of our teenagers gather together on a regular basis to keep the community spirit alive. They are a wonderful asset to our community and I hope we do everything we can to keep that spirit alive.

New members always very welcome!!!


These take place every few weeks. Please view this site regularly to see the next planned events.

If you are a secondary school student living in the Clogheen Kerry Pike area, and are interested in taking part, please contact Eileen Haly at 086 811 2110

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