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Next Phase of the Amenity Project


The first phase of the Community Development project is nearing completion, and has been a huge success, thanks to help from over 40 people in the community.

All in all, this project included:


The next phase of the project is in its infancy, but we are planning to make major improvements to Ballycannon Park.

This will be very dependent on funding, but our ambition is that within the next 2 years we will have flood-lit all-weather tennis and basketball courts, to replace the courts, which currently require a lot of maintenance just to be kept in a usable state.

The first steps are to get pricing information, and investigate the availabilityof funding. Over the next few months, we hope to be able to start putting together realistic plans for this.

The ongoing monthly financial contributions from many of the households in the community are a vital element in making this plan a reality. We are hoping that more and more households can participate in this, in order to benefit ourselves and our families for years to come.

Next Phase of the Amenity Project

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